donderdag 20 februari 2014

First talk

First encounter,

we talked about the used kneecaps and why they didn't satisfy there needs and what they see as an ideal kneecap.
Here is a list that they mentioned, the kneecap has to be:

  • flexible
  • with some friction with the ground for on stairs, but not to much so it's easy to go around with
  • adjustable, it has to work with different pants
  • thick so you don't feel it when the underground is rough, bumpy or stony
  • not to big, it has to have a certain elegance to it.
  • wearable under and above pants. She likes it under the pants because you see it less, but then the pants worn out pretty fast.
  • uses inside as outside. 
  • used in summer and winter. So it has to deal with sweat and cold.
  • with easy and painless straps.

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