donderdag 8 mei 2014

How to sew it, the wrong way

When the first time I tried to sew it, I had difficulties with sewing the parts together.
First I sewed the elastic part.

Then I sewed the other two parts

To combine the parts afterward

This photo is taking from a video while making the prototype. It is exactly the moment when I realize this won’t work. By sewing the under part first, I don’t have place to sew the elastic part on is without making the room for the form smaller. So I had to go search for another method for sewing it

So it became clear that I must sew the three parts on one side first and then sew the two sides together

Elements of experience:
Positive expected:
Positive unexpected: it’s easier to sew first the front and back and then combining the two
Negative expected:
Negative unexpected: the mistake of first sewing the three parts on its own
# tools
Sewing machine

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