woensdag 14 mei 2014

New sewing techniques: Sewing new binding prototype 50

When tested by our client, elastic band where not so comfortable. They pull to hard and are too rough on the skin.
For that reason we took the same elastic fabric used in the mid-part, this one is softer and less pulling than the elastic.

The problem now was how to sew this in a proper way.

50a: with an elastic line

Elements of experience:
Positive expected: keeps its elasticity
Positive unexpected:
Negative expected: takes long to sew, can only be done by hand
Negative unexpected: it comes lose very fast

50b: with sewing machine

When prototype 50a was taking to long, the idea came to use the sewing machine while pulling the band to its maximum. By putting the machine on a loose knot and pulling the fabric, the fabric is loosely bind together.
After a second tryout I got all the parameters wright and it became a piece of cake.

Elements of experience:
Positive expected: it keeps it elasticity to it maximum that I can pull
Positive unexpected: no damage on the line when pulled
Negative expected:
Negative unexpected: is quite exhausting to constant pull the fabric

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